Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wonders of human relationship?

I've always been pondering why some people act the way the act in relationships.. what actually drives them to do such things to someone they actually put effort (full or not) to build a relationship with. When betrayed, how can a person still hope and believe in the one who betrayed them? How can someone put so much effort to go after someone and once they feel bored, they would just ignore them?

Well, i have always criticized a friend of mine for being extremely idiotic and stupid because he still have faith in a girl who dumped him for someone else.. although i do not know 100% what actually happened but the truth is that his relationship with that particular girl is over and although as much as he still hope that there is a chance of getting her back, its pretty....bleak? He still clings on to her and never seem to give up on her.. for me, i do not understand why would he chose to close his heart for that one girl that left him? what does he hope for to happen? i know im don't have the right to judge him but still, why can't he get the picture? well is that true love or just plain denial of the past? i really hope that he would snap out of it and face the future instead of dwelling in the past..

Thursday, January 8, 2009


16th january 2009!!! will have a steamboat party at my house!!!! all pm4-ians are invited!!! bring only urself and money ( u have to pay for the food coz im buying them, those who didnt bring money will be subjected to brutal force eg: guanteck u watch out) err... i can serve liquor if any1 want hahaha that will cost more as the price of liquor has increased..

i need a head count and confirmation 15th january

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

something i thought of..

well today was the 1st lecture for the CSC208 ( something to do with computer study) and the lecturer has happily talking infront of the whole class... ( it was so boring that i can bet even after drinking the strongest Kopi O, u will fall asleep in no time..)

well.. i didn't sleep of coz... i was daydreaming.. she was talking about the importance of IT in our current world... and something cought my attention and i started thinking about it..

In her slides.. she talked about how we depend on IT in our life.. Have u even thought of what if we dont have IT?? if we dont have technology?? what would happen to us? i can bet rm 1million with anyone (except those who live in the jungle) that everyone on this planet would be in a state of panic + shock + chaos if technology + IT stopped working.. ( as in all electronics died)

I myself would also be in a panic state when my cellphone does not work anymore... then feeling of not knowing where anyone is at anytime

i think that at our time.. we have been exposed and got used to IT so much that we became very very vulnerable and exposed till the sense that if IT is erased from the earth.. we would not know what to do in that situation..

And then... i had another thought... if IT continue to improve.. it would also create another problem... in the current world, we use msn, email, sms,mms,blog etc etc.. as a medium of communication and i bet that some of us communicate via IT more than human contact.. what if one day we can install a whole computer in our brain equipped with Wifi connection?? we can msn, webcam, blog, surf the net with our brain.. by that time, even less human contact between people.. we might even loose the ability to talk because we can just "msn" anyone we want to "talk" to.. freaky isn't it??

but then... what would u choose to have?? because i think that one day.. we will have to choose one of the 2 choices.. 1: loose technology 2: become technology...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


is it true that humans cannot live with war and they cannot live without war??? ever since human species first exsisted, we have been killing each other through many many wars... Eg: WW1,WW2, Cold war, Gulf war( US fight with arab or something i 4got haha), and etc etc.. Do you think humans need war?? that our existence is soley for war?? is war a control over our current population on the planet??

why do people fight wars anyway? is it fun? it's not even beneficial to anyone... except for those war junkies..

to some extend, i think that we human do really like to have wars.. i mean.. they do create alot of reasons to have one.. such as control over resources, for power, for land, even for religion..

now i do think that as long as humans exist.. war will never end.. the killing wont stop.. there is nothing that can stop wars from happening.. face it!! (unless.. all humans are the same.. without differences..)

Friday, December 12, 2008


This is a simple meaning.. but do you know what is truly Infinite?? it's not the sun ( it will burn out one day), it's not life ( the cycle of life and death will break one day), and it's not time ( it's invented by man as a convinent tool of measurment, it's not even the light coz it cannot exsist in the Black Hole...and it is not garbage.. Wanna know what i think its infinite??

Shall give you some can see it everywhere, it has only one colour, you can even see it with your eyes closed.. get it??? its darkness.. or u can say BLACK.

why do i think it's infinite??? well there are alot of reasons which supports my answer..

  1. It is everywhere. as in if there is light there is dark but if there is no light there is still dark!!!
  2. Our universe is BLACK.. only lid up by Sunsssss similar as our own Sun. without those suns... we still get "black".. haha
  3. You can never escape dark/blackness.. ( if u can live without blinking then this reason is invalid)
  4. Ever heard of the Black Hole?? even light cannot exist there..
  5. it does not need a source, if it can exist without a source then there is no end to it??.. ( light needs a source such as fire or elec)
  6. err.. lazy type so many.. but u get my point..

So now, do you agree that the only thing that is infinite is Darkness/black??

you cannot escape it u cant even live in it.. one day.. darkness will consume everything..

Thursday, May 15, 2008


we are god !! when we choose to believe so.

we are devils !! when we choose to be so.

we are saints !! when we choose to do so.

we are what we choose to be.

i am me..

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

new beginning~

everything comes to an end,

just a matter of when,

ending is not the END,

just a sign for anew.

we don't end at the end,

we just start at the end,

moving on..

moving on..

to find a new end~

it sucks i noe.. well.. 1st timer lol